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American Clients Visited Our Company for Business

On September 20th, Mr. Finkelman, the president of American SCOPE Company visited our company for business. The chairman Guolun Yan, the manager assistant Tongmin Wang, and the people in charge in relevant departments received the guests visit.


During the period in Equatorial Guinea, Mr. Li led related technical experts from Jiangsu Province Academy of Agricultural Sciences inspecting the local soil and agriculture development situation, and they were invited to participate in Equatorial Guinea Agriculture Ministerial Meeting. During the meeting, our companys delegation proposed project conceptions on improving crop production on the basis of improved soil, planting vegetables and fruits, and developing aquaculture like pigs, ducks and other animals, gradually improving agricultural technology level which is behind the current situation in Equatorial Guinea, and benefiting the people there.



       Equatorial Guinea Agriculture Minister Alfredo Mitogo Mitogo affirmed our efforts and preparation of agricultural cooperation projects ​​in the talks, and said that development of agricultural cooperation projects would certainly be approved in compliance with government system of Equatorial Guinea. The two sides also discussed the construction plan, the way of experience, technology transfer, personnel training etc., and decided to transfer the agricultural cooperation projects to the technical sector review in order to get the best benefits of cooperation.

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