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Pronova and Foreign Eco-Tech Cooperation Co. Held the First Half Year Business Analysis Meeting


  In the afternoon of July 18th, Pronova and Foreign Eco-Tech Cooperation Co. held the first half year of 2014 business analysis meeting in the meeting room on the third floor of Mingri Grand Hotel. Group leader in charge and the secretary of inspection commission Peng Zhong, and the chairman and supervisor of Provona and Foreign Eco-Tech Cooperation attended the meeting. The leaders of the two companies, department heads and part of party members, employee representatives attended the meeting. The deputy general manager Cai Wenbin chaired the meeting.

   Overseas Business Department, IT Department, Import-export Trade Department, Human Resource Department etc. department heads reported the first half year work situation in turn. Generally, the amount of international dispatch increased; Import and export trade volume was less than last year but still maintain a good status; there were new developments and actively expand the market of IT business; human resource business developed steadily and this year strive to carry out school-enterprise cooperation; Finance department strengthened risk control to better serve the business development.



  Group President Assistant Guolun Yan carefully analyzed the business situation of the two companies, particularly analyzed the existing problems of the first half year, and provided his requirement for the second half year. He pointed out that, the integration of the two companies had entered the second phase business restructuring process and mutual penetration, facing enormous external pressure and the business sector suffered severe constraints, the two companies should implement the main helps auxiliary, and auxiliary supports main concept, and stabilized our companys platform, actively dealt with the difficulties and problems in the development. Then he proposed his vision focused on the transformation and upgrading of two levels on the future direction of the two companies: Firstly, overseas project contracting and labor market restructuring, seize the opportunity when re-opening of the Israeli market, and seize the resource opportunities; Secondly, the growth of IT sector and gradually transition to the main business; Thirdly, talent upgrade, the introduction of understanding policy and market professional talents.


  Participated chairman and supervisors also gave their suggestions of company development in the future. They first affirmed the results of the two companies integration in the past six months, pointed out that it should have a clear position in the future, strengthening internal management, using management to bring benefits; deepening integration, unifying staff thought in the business integration in order to achieve a win-win; while once again stressed the importance of personnel training.


  Finally, the Secretary Peng made ​​a concluding speech of the meeting. He said todays meeting was both a business analysis and a summary of half years work. Meeting changed the form that people listened to leaders report in the past to the department heads summarized, and others added, truly had content, analysis, measures, and quality, which was very successful. For the next phase of work of the two companies, he offered five demands: firstly, we should correctly understand the current situation, certainly affirmed the main streaming of work; secondly, we must establish confidence, work carefully, comprehensively complete this year's objectives and tasks; thirdly, we must strengthen management, standardized operation. Go the only way to institutionalize management of enterprise development, and pursue the ultimate goal of profit maximization; fourthly, to enhance the quality comprehensively, adapt to the needs of company development; fifthly, move from the integration of form to the highly integration of all members spirit.

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