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JOC Leaders Had a Work Investigation in Our Company

  In the afternoon of July 16th, JOCs leaders came to JOC Foreign Eco-Tech Cooperation and Pronova companies to investigate the business situation in the first of year. The chairman of JOC Hongliang Huan, Vice President Xuefeng Wang, Secretary of Inspection Commission Zhong Peng, Party Committee Member Wenxiang Zhang etc. leaders, and the chairman and supervisor of the two companies assigned by JOC attended the investigation, the leaders of the two companies, office and finance departments heads attended the meeting.


  The meeting first reported the two companies operation condition on the first half of 2014 by the Chairman Assistant Guolun Yan. Through half years integration and adjustments, the two companies initially realized the integration goal set by JOC in the beginning of the year. In the half year, the two companies made business risks in control, constructed the internal system, dealt with left problems, cultivate main businesses, developed new businesses, transformed and upgraded, and other major aspects of the work, gave full play to the team's creativity and enthusiasm, so each work had a good development. The next step is to solve the difficulties and problems in companies development, and to achieve a breakthrough in the financing platform, remaining issues and corporate restructuring, in order to let the two companies enter the healthy development track.


  Then each department heads reported the operation condition of their departments.


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